Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier was a dusty brand, often found skulking at the back of the drinks cabinet. It needed a new usage occasion to convince a younger, cosmopolitan audience to try it.

Traditionally, Grand Marnier was consumed after a heavy dinner. A short drink, a digestif, a night cap. But this was not how the target audience behaved.

They were more spontaneous and liked to grab a cocktail with friends at the bar before heading home for the night. The opportunity was in ‘the sunset hour’, those few precious moments when work ends and play begins.

We had an opportunity to define a new way to drink Grand Marnier in a new environment. The insight lead to our brand idea ‘A sunset in a glass’ – a tall, mixed drink to jumpstart the night. The campaign extended across all channels with an app that added a sunset to photos, a virtual barman sharing drinks recipes and print/OOH focused on selling the product.

The results were fantastic. Average sales uplift across Europe was 25%, some markets seeing growth of above 60%.