Summer School 2024

Summer School 2024

10 July 2024

A new season of Summer School.

We really love doing this every year – and every year we’re just as surprised by how motivated and proactive our students are.

This time the class got stuck into a brief close to their hearts – sustainable fashion. They took a week to build a strategy and a creative idea to present to the agency and our judges.

As per usual, the students were given talks and workshops from strategist, creatives, designers, finance controllers and video editors – this time also getting an insight into how AI is changing industries. The spent some time at SINE studio, seeing how post production works behind the scenes – and they had a particularly interesting talk on The History of Advertising.

The class was split into two teams for their project. And at the end, both teams were assessed by a panel of judges including Cherie Nelson from Urban Outfitters.

"What an amazing opportunity Isobel offers for young creatives. I have been involved for several years and students absolutely love their time working with the agency staff and students from other schools and colleges. It is great for me to see our students shine in a different setting and the confidence that they show in their pitches after a week at isobel. I believe that this experience has a lasting effect on the young people." - Jamie Rogers, Teacher at Charter East Dulwich.

“I just wanted to write to thank you guys for a wonderful experience last week. I really enjoyed listening to the talks and getting a better insight into the different roles in advertising and having the opportunity to use your fantastic facilities and work in a team to create our ad campaign – I had a lot fun! It was so generous of the whole isobel team to share the office with us and give us so much time. I learnt a lot.” – Heath Cole-Goodwin, Southwark College.

"I found the work experience truly insightful into the advertising industry and loved seeing a glimpse of the office environment. It was amazing to feel so welcomed, and the group project was fun to work on alongside the sessions provided by different members of staff." - Harriet Ungoed-Thomas.

“It was a privilege to join the isobel team to help judge summer school of 24 student campaign pitches for sustainable fashion. isobel’s summer school is a wonderful programme which gives the students get a real flavour of working in a creative agency and a fantastic opportunity to flex their team working skills and develop confidence. I was impressed by the thought and creativity the students put into their pitches, as well as the time, warmth, and commitment to the programme from the whole team at isobel. - Cherie Nelson, Urban Outfitters.

"Thank you for providing us a work experience placement at isobel. I enjoyed having talks with every member of isobel and more specifically enjoyed listening to James talk about the History of Advertising.
Although being chosen as the best group for the fashion brief was amazing, I loved working with my group and being given advice by the professionals at isobel." - Chinara Shamji, Chelsea Acadamy.

"Thanks isobel team. Last week was a real eye opener into the world of advertising. I was really impressed by the history of advertising and the psychology behind it...I completely recommend future students to grab this opportunity..." - Asher Sareen, Nower Hill.

"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work at isobel with you and the team. I really had an amazing time and I feel like I can benefit from this work experience since I learnt many new skills that are important for the future. And I really enjoyed the time I had at isobel and meeting/working with new people." - Rania Buljko, Chelsea Academy.

"Thank you for the work experience you all took us through. All of the different talks we had and the different studios were the best part. All of the staff had very nice manners, were welcoming and the food we had everyday was great" - Ebenezer Sule, Charter East Dulwich.

"Being on this program was truly inspiring, this enabled me to learn in different ways and levels. I would love to thank the supportive staff members and people that helped us and improve our knowledge." - Aliyaah Kibumbi, Chelsea Academy.