Zoomy Woof Woof

Zoomy Woof Woof

31 March 2022

We’re going to be working with Californian tech company Zoomy Woof Woof, to launch their new video conferencing app just for dogs.

With so many house-bound people buying dogs during lockdown, and owners originally spending 100% of their time with their new pets, many dogs are now feeling lonely as their owners return to office working.

The Zoomy Woof Woof app, which we’ve designed and built, is bark and paw print activated, so dogs can access an interactive screen at home on their own and create bonding sessions with their owners.  Dogs can also speak to other dog buddies, by recognising photos of their K9 friends and calling them direct, by pressing ‘dog friend profiles’ on screen with their paw.  Owners can even plan regular daily catch ups for groups of friendly dogs, with dog group video conferences every day.

We love brands on a mission and the team at Zoomy Woof Woof are certainly in that category.  Having added a dog to our family in lockdown, I instantly got the scale and value of the business idea, and we can’t wait to spread the word” — Jamie Williams.