Jamie Talks Pitching

Jamie Talks Pitching

13 June 2023

Jamie has been in the Drum this week, featuring in their How Do You Solve A Problem Like series.

This time they’re talking about pitching and how independent agencies cushion the impact it has on staff.

Here’s what he said:

Pitch wisely. 

The world can seem chaotic at times, with new business opportunities coming from all angles, and appearing in all shapes and sizes. It can take time just to understand exactly what the opportunity is, and how you (as the agency) can add value. 

But this groundwork is vital and it’s crucial to judge with both head and heart.  Opportunities can look exciting on paper, but sometimes, they aren’t always what they seem. 

It’s impossible to half-pitch. So sometimes it’s best to pass up opportunities that aren’t in the sweet spot, to focus time on winning pitches that will make a real difference to your agency, creatively and commercially.

Read the full piece on the Drum .