Jamie talks BBC in City A.M

Jamie talks BBC in City A.M

17 December 2019

Is it time for a review of the licence fee and how the BBC is structured?

Jamie Williams, managing partner at the advertising agency isobel, says YES.

In a perfect world, the BBC licence fee structure could remain as it is, and the BBC would produce brilliantly entertaining content and unbiased news coverage at affordable costs.

But, unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect. All great things need to adapt and evolve to stay fresh and relevant, and the BBC is no different.

The Beeb is a well-loved institution and for good reason, but consumers of BBC content are getting older, and across the UK the love is being lost. Less than half of 16–34 years olds now consume BBC content on a weekly basis, licences are being cancelled in record numbers, and according to YouGov two thirds of the UK want the licence scrapped — which is likely why it is now on the Prime Minister’s to-do-list.

If these trends continue, the BBC surely can’t survive on its current licence fee model and compete with other broadcasters.

As with other national broadcasters around the world, at some point working with advertisers or moving to a subscription service may be the answer.

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